Episode 33

Published on:

24th Nov 2021


In the first episode of series 6, we speak to two freelance journalists about how to handle editor ghosting. What can you do when an editor, who was initially keen, is now ignoring your emails?

We get advice from Solape Alatise, a freelance journalist with business and financial reporting experience, and Joel Snape a fitness writer and former commissioning editor at Men's Fitness

The Guests

Solape Alatise

Twitter: @solapealatise 

Instagram: @solapealatise

Website: https://www.solapealatise.com/ 

Joel Snape

Twitter: @JoelSnape

Website: http://www.livehard.co.uk/about/

Resources and recommendations

Lily’s long read in Runners World 


Amelia Tait, freelance journalist




Lateefah Jean-Baptiste


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